Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Eye Problems Are Actually Genetic

From the oft visited and ever fascinating Sugarbank, comes "9 Anti-Porn Myths Debunked." Some arguments of note include:

#3. Porn is Immoral

They’ll tell you that observing speed limits near schools, not over-eating and helping people in need are moral, but only behave that way when it’s convenient for them.

#6. Porn is for Perverts
With 800 million videos being sold and rented in North America each year either porn is loved by everyone, or everyone’s a pervert. Paul Fishbein (founder of AVN magazine) said that anti-porn protestors want us to believe that the porn industry serves 800 guys who each rent a million movies a year.

#9. Porn Undermines Society
...unlike churches which also take in billions of dollars a year, pornographers pay taxes.

It's definitely an editorial stance, but it makes some intriguing points and unconventional comparisons. Ah, porn, you fickle bitch.

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