Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Comics Recap

Red Sonja #1
Red Sonja #0 was only a quarter, and I liked what I saw. Issue #1 seemed like a worthy pickup. Clearly it is meant for the same crowd that follows the new Conan series from Dark Horse, I wonder why Dark Horse either a) didn't bother with it or b) couldn't snag the license. Such are the ways of modern tales, the license holders determine the fate of fiction. The book is put out by Dynamite, Nick Barucci's/Dynamic Forces imprint, and aside from my general distaste of DF's stock and trade they managed to put out a nice book. It's drawn like Conan, it reads like Conan, it's set in the same world as Conan, except there's no Conan. There is Red Sonja, and she's looking alright. I'm not a gigantic Conan fan, but I do like picking up the occasional issue or arc, and it looks to be the same with Red Sonja. My strongest draw is the art, it's very well drawn by Nel Rubi. The book could have easily fallen into some horrible early-Image style, over-colored, hyper-rendered babe book, thankfully it looks to have taken the high-road while maintaining the inherent sexiness of Sonja's character. And as for writers, Michael Avon Oeming and Mike Carey are a hell of a team. I expect Oeming to bring a wide-ranged story to the table ala Hammer of the Gods, with Carey pulling back-up and nailing out the minutiae of history-heavy Cimmeria.

JSA Classified #1
As previously mentioned I was really looking forward to this book. It was alot of fun, setting up some heavy questions for the lead while at the same time not taking itself too seriously. Judging by upcoming cover solicitations and hints in the current issue, Power Girl is going for quite a ride on the way to the "final" answer in regards to her origin. Fantastic art by Conner, I think she's finally getting her due.

New Warriors #2
This was a real surprise! Not only was the awesome artwork by Skottie Young a great change of pace from standard fare, but the story was smart and funny. I don't know much of (writer) Zeb Wells work, but this sure caught my attention. The premise of the books seems a little forced into -- that of the New Warriors being the subject of a reality show-- but it's pulled off without being insulting. I think this is an example of how you can successfully repackage older material for a new audience. I mean we're talking Speedball and Night Thrasher, folks, not exactly A-list. I never understood why Marvel just didn't let them die on the vine (tho I have to admit I did purchase Speedball's solo debut oh so many years ago). Yet here they are along with Namorita and Nova, infused with new and likable potential. And the art, DAMN, the art! That is some high quality cartooning right there, folks.

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