Friday, July 01, 2005

Comics Recap

OMAC #3: Okay, okay. Can someone please tell me, did anything actually happen in this issue? This decompression bullshit has reached it's apex.

GREEN LANTERN #2: (note the color change for the cover, shipping version actually has a blue background and different render FX-- which was a good call, while stil generic it's much nicer). A little less decompression, but not much... the first splash page of the busted Manhunter really wasn't neccesary, it kind of killed the effect of the last page. I like the introduction of the femaile pilot, I hope they expand her role.

SHINING KNIGHT #3: I'll admit half the time I don't know what the hell Grant Morrison is talking about, but that's also half the fun. Bianchi's art is sure nice to look at.

JLA CLASSIFIED #9: I'm just sorry to see it go. The team really packed it in for every chapter, and it was a riot the whole way. It's still weird considering that two of the main characters are dead in the current Crisis continuity, but the whole thing is a nice vacation to when the Justice League could be as entertaining as it was "Justice League."

ZOMBIE TALES: Great collection of zomibie stories with some really good art. I guess Zombies are all the rage, I can't seem to escape them lately, even at work! A friend of mine tells me this is just to prepare us for the inevitable Zombie Apocolypse.

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