Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bible Study Chicks Are F*ing Hot!

Sad, but true, part 1:
I was doing a google image search for a particular Kelly Clarkson pic, and clicked away on one of the earlier finds...

Sad, but true, part 2:
The picture lead me to Jerica's Favorite Things where a particular line of text caught my eye amidst an almost illegal usage of pink:

"Deciding to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior was the best decision of my life. There is no decision that I will ever make that will be more important or more life changing."

I can think of a few. Some involving alcohol and that nice boy a few doors down who just wants to "fool around a little." I hope you feel the same way when you look back on how a blind devotion to mythology in your teenage years set the course for a lifetime of fallaciously biased decisions. Or not, hey, whatever works.

Tho if you take a look at some of Jerica's Bible Study gal pals... I didn't realize that many white girls were allowed in the same room together without a Canon XL-1 and a stack of age verification statements.

"We have so much fun learning about Jesus, studying the Bible and just hanging out and having awesome girl time!"

Would you like me to run with this one or just condemn me to hell and be done with it? Thought so.

Oh, and the actual KC pic I was searching for was this one:

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