Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Off the Nightstand: Skin City

So this guy Sheehan, the author, has lived in Las Vegas for like 30 years. And he wrote a whole book espousing the seamy underbelly of the town's sex trade, and I didn't learn a single god damn thing I didn't already know. It was a fun read, but it's like when the cable guy comes over to hook up your internet connection and you just want to yank all the wires from him and do it yourself.

The chapter-based anecdotes and interviews are entertaining enough (I always was a bit curious as to what happened to Ashlyn Gere), but it kind of runs together without really getting into the meaty heart of the subjects. The most intersting segments are where the math is laid out, selling sex (figuratively and literally) in Vegas is just money hand over fist. Huge rediculous amounts of money. Lotta money. The economy of that burg is fed continuoulsy by "partons of the arts" and in return the women feed it right back into the city.

If you're curious about but know absolutely nothing of Las Vegas, strippers, swingers, call girls, hookers, or porn, this book was catered just for you. But if you fell off the turnip truck so long ago you're pretty sure it was a carrot truck, Skin City will offer few revalations. Eerily that speaks more for the author than it does for me... :-Z

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