Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Comics Day

Last week I was in Las Vegas but I did track down a couple books...

Shaolin Cowboy

This week was awesome!

Wonder Woman
Doc Frankenstein
Zombie Tales
Shining Knight
JLA Classified
Green Lantern
Solo: Darwyn Cooke
Planetary ??!!
Modern Masters: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

I am always surprised to see an issue of Planetary, it's like I did something special without knowing it and someone decided to put an extra treat on the shelf. If the series is on the tail end, the waits are only amping up the tension. Livewires hit it's next to last issue, Adam Warren returns to his not-uncommon theme of supposedly killing off every character he's forced you to retain interest in. Damn him! I gotta keep mentioning this book because I desperately want it to succeed. Pick it up!! Shaolin Cowboy, damn that kid can draw.

TwoMorrows continues its excellent tradition of publishing books for comics art lovers. The latest volume of Modern Masters shines a much deserved spotlight on JL Garcia-Lopez, truly one of the finest draftsmen in sequential art. The name may not be as well known outside the fold, but his art sure is. Garcia-Lopez's figures were the driving force behind DC's first forays into mainstream licensing, circa 1980 and beyond. If there was a plastic cup, a party favors set, or a phone book ad with any DC character, that art was based on his style guides if not his art outright. As such the icons of the DCU were given unforgettable representation to a non-comics market and I think much of the recognition remains to this day. In fact two of my all time favorite spot illos, one of Green Lantern and one of Wonder Woman, belong to Garcia-Lopez. It doesn't stop with the licensing material, as his comics work is a force to be reckoned with. For me it's a rare artist than can have me pick up a book based on name alone. Fans of comics defining stars, and fans of fine illustration in general, will benefit from the in depth history and interview. Plus it's a great showcase of top-tier artwork!

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