Thursday, June 09, 2005

Comics Recap

JLA #115

Dealing directly with fallout from Identity Crisis, this League-centric sorbet proved more interesting than I thought. Suprising considering the majority of the issue was JLA members yelling at each other. Superhero interpersonal relationships can sometimes be as engaging as the slugfests, Johns+Heinberg keep it just above pandering. The real treat is the art by Chris Batista and Mark Farmer, MAN do these guys look good, 'specially Hawkman. Not too crazy about Zatanna's depiction (having Morrison and Sook's version on the same shelf creates an interesting reflection), and I was kinda hoping for an updated look for Star Sapphire. Superheroes are like Barbie, the fashion ought to reflect the times. Alot of diehards prefer the classics, but I'm receptive to well designed, contemporary togs. Anyhoo, art is yummy. That last page with the Secret Society is awesome (special nod to the colorist here).

Rann-Thanagar War #2

Ivan Reis is out of control!!! His recent Superman books brought back some of the raw power the character so sorely lacks, plus he draws an awesome Gog. Here in the galactic-scale war epic that is Rann-Thanagar, this brotha makes my eyes bleed. Inker Marc Campos deserves equal props and perhaps a few lines of coke for keeping up with such insanity.

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