Saturday, June 25, 2005

All Things in Moderation

Walking down Las Vegas Boulevard on the tail end of a three day bender is an experience unto itself. You're still wearing clothes from the day before, maybe two, you can't quite remember. It's hot, man, an odd hot with heated winds and a whisp of moisture from a summer thunderstorm that lasted all of five minutes. You walk on autopilot, not quite drunk and yet not quite sober. The remnants of alcohol in your system aren't taking sides and your brain is spending little effort to lean things one way or the other. Your mouth and teeth have a fine film of whatever it is that an evening of chain smoking and drinking leave behind, sweat gives you a perceptible glow to those who still care to give you attention. Little matters, your thoughts are constrained to memories of being buried under cheap perfume and silky flesh a few hours and several hundred dollars earlier. Making it back to the hotel for one last stretch of sleep would be nice, but not terribly important... the lights are so pretty.

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