Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Comics Day

Last week was slow:

Justice League Confidential

This week was huge!

Day of Vengeance
Green Lantern #1
Power Pack
Ultimate Iron man
Ultimates 2
City of Tomorrow

Livewires continues to blow my mind. I've always been a fan of artist Rick Mays, he has an uberslick style that stood out on his Kabuki run (the only reason I would even go near that book) and the near-invisible Arsenal miniseries for DC. His previous collaboration with writer/artist Adam Warren closed out Gen13 for WildStorm, something I have a bit of affinity for. On Livewires, Mays has begun to directly channel more of Warren's distinctive features fervor, if fact Warren is listed as providing layouts in the current ish which does not surprise me considering his intense hands-on involvement with his books.

I had to buy the new Green Lantern because, well I had to. I hope it turns around quick and digs itself out of the Hal Jordan circle jerk that was Green Lantern: Rebirth. Nothing against series writer Johns, but he tends to fawn over his characters more often than not. Hal Jordan is cool, I get that,most of us got that the first time around, make with the greenie-green already.

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