Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New Comics Day

Looks like a decent week.

Villains United
Ultimate FF
Felt (Jim Mafood!)
Shanna the She-Devil
Power Pack
Shining Knight
Matador (Brian Stelfreeze!)
Y the Last Man

Holy Buckets, Shanna is still a kick in the pants. It's highly enjoyable as an adult, but I can only imagine how great this book is for it's proper audience-- adolescent boys. It's a boy thing, when dinosaurs are still uncontrollably cool, gross out gore won't cause a blink, and there is a strange/mysterious/fearful/wonderful dawning of profound curiosity for the female body. In these respects, Shanna is off the charts. Frank Cho's art can best be described as "lusciously detailed." Or is that "detailingly luscious?" Wether it's the hard-science extrapolation of the sauropod form, the sickening rendering of human and said sauropod's innards when met by claw, spear, or bullet, or the palm-biting accuracy of Shanna's anatomy with all the weight and gravity than can be depicted by pencil and ink, Cho aims to please on more levels than one. The plot is merely an excuse to tie all of these elements together, though it's done better than one would expect. It ties back to the manly, viceral adventures reminiscent of ER Burroghs while allowing the simplicity of sequential art to be read without burden. I fear that Shanna as a comic may be undeservedly thrown into the category of "superficial babe book," and while it may not be entirely free of that distinction, it offers more to a seasoned reader of comics and fiction than your average issue of Spider-Man.

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