Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I continue to simmer my thoughts on blogging about what I can do in this space, and it still needs some time on the stove. I do like reading blogs that specialize, when the author(s) are already legitimate authorities, or become ones by proxy. Bloggers that stick to what they themselves enjoy are actually sharing their enjoyment. If past posts are any indication, it would appear my circle of interest is roughly limited to comic books, dank pool halls, and all things lascivious, which is basically true if not unfortunate. My skills and hobbies do extend beyond that circle, it's just I like writing about some things more than others. To the degree that these subjects be offered into a public forum, well, I feel that if I will be devoting any time to it, it should be with at least some enthusiasm.

Average blog entry:

Today I saw the hottest chick at Staples!

Edco blog entry:

Lost between the isles of printer paper and writing utensils, I scanned the colorful rows of pens and markers looking for that perfect Sharpie. From the corner of my eye I spied the hottest chick I'd seen in at least an hour, her tight, grey tee straining to contain an ample paradise underneath. Low cut jeans and a pair of fuck-me sneakers made the package complete, shoulder-length hair tussled about to reveal no particular shade of brown. Briefly I fantasized about making her acquaintance, begrudgingly followed by thoughts of a possible jail sentence, as is all too often the case.

Stay tuned.

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