Thursday, May 05, 2005

I just might believe a man can fly.

Lotta heroes on screen lately. Maybe you've seen the new togs for the Man of Steel... I ain't saying they're bad, but there are some components I wish could have been thought out a bit more. Then there's the whole deal with, a fairly enthusiastic web site backed by the Superman production team. I tend to stay away from this stuff, I'm not huge on spoilers, plus at the moment my interest in the new Supes movie could best be represented by a slightly raised eyebrow.

Then they go and post something like this. I am all into movie making tech, and things seen in the most current video journal entry are waking up my other eyebrow. The sheer size of the soundstage they've commandeered for the flight sequences give me that small glimmer of hope. Watching Matrix Revolutions (and chunks of Reloaded) you can see the potential for some Superman stunts to be pretty slick. Sure, that climax in Revolutions was a pat rendition of Dragonball Z, but weren't we all wondering what Neo would look like in some blue tights?

There are some very iffy rumors of story points for the new Superman, and odds are Hollywood will maintain it's long tradition of lobotomizing perfectly good comics foundations. But maybe, just maybe, Superman will turn out allright.

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