Monday, May 23, 2005

E3 Decompression

E3 was -insane-. I really don't dig on it at all because it almost represents everything I hate about the game industry. All flash, no bang. There was some cool stuff to be sure, but 90% was so humdrum and rehash I wonder why people play games at all.

And then I entered the Capcom booth.

THANK GOD for Capcom. I don't know why, but all the products they were showing made me excited for games again. That groovy feeling where you just can't wait to run to the store to see if the latest offering is out. Capcom had alot of standards, some impressive next-gen offerings, and were one of the very few major companies that handed out a printed catalog. A catalog, imagine that.

They also debuted a game so bizzare, so unlikely, so freaking Japanese, that I was completely entranced. This is why I present Super Edco's E3 Game of Show to:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


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