Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Color Zero

At work, I am the only artist in a room full of programmers. Any arguments from my perspective are fruitless, as the analytical mind works on levels unavailable to me. A simple discussion on the definition of translucency vs. transparency can bring said room to the verge of fisticuffs. I does not matter the ernest of my pleas when describing the room's curtains as translucent, for the makeup of the curtains includes factors that clearly define them as transparent. The space, you see, between the threads in the cloth. Transparent. In fact the very glass of the window itself is not transparent either, so I'm told, because of a near imperceptible refraction of light. And damn it all, not even the air that surrounds us met the standards of transparency. The only satisfying answer came down to a) the space in a vacuum, and b) where software engineering can define "true transparency" as given by a layered indexed color than can be negated, thus transparent to what lies beneath. I'm no stranger to this concept, as just about every piece of art I create must contain the infallible Color Zero, in the end I had no choice but to acquiesce. So the words are left to help themselves to more adventurous usage, such as "my attempt to mask how attractive I found her was transparent," whereas "her perception of how much money I was willing to fork over to prove it was translucent."

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