Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Comics Day

I love new comics day. It's a rare constant in my life that I anticipate and enjoy with unwavering enthusiasm.

Jenny Finn
Life During Wartime
JLA Classified
Space Ghost
Klarion the Witch Boy

Damn, I spent 50 bucks today, and that was with the hefty discount kindly offered by my new shop. Even tho DJ's Universal comics is a scant half mile from my home, I have switched my weekly buying over to the much more hospitable House of Secrets in Burbank. They genuinely promote comics and art with good customer service, and I will reward them with my patronage.

There is a wonderful, almost unfathomable trend running through the undercurrents of comics these days, good science fiction. Adam Warren is heavily underrated in this area, I think he offers the best of what the genre has to offer in any format. The all-to-glossed-over Dirty Pair books were the pinnacle of his sci-fi exploitation, but his dabblings in more main-stream fare are just as wonderous. DC's Teen Titans: Rock Paper Scissors is a must have for any Warren or sci-fi enthusiast, as was his short-lived run on WildStorm's Gen13. Now at Marvel with Livewires, he is crafting a book of such top-notch allegory that he seems to erase any lines left between scientific extrapolation and fantasized conjecture. At times I wonder if his audience deserves him.

Along with Adam Strange, Space Ghost, Legion, and Doc Frankenstein, sci-fi is on a roll. Legion bottoms out the Diamond 300, literally, so that won't be around long. Busiek's current JLA mega-arc, "Syndicate Rules," is soaked to the bone in sci-fi, and throttles readers back to balls-out Kirby-era books when planet Earth was just too small a setting. What was thought to be a studious callback to Morrison's Earth 2 turned out to be an insanely huge, galactic/multiverse spanning epic with a subplot focusing on the return of the Quard Empire. The Quard, people. Busiek brought back the Quard... and it's awesome! ("in the non-California-slang sense of the word awesome") Yes it is a good time to be a fan of both sci-fi and comics.

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