Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lowest Common Denomonator, pt 2

Concerned primarily with a stunning brunette peeling down her g-string, it was with little fanfare when Cherry walked up behind me and ran her fingers across my neck as a hello. She slinked around to the front of my chair and made her way onto my lap, cat-like, not saying a word and joined me in enjoying the current show on stage. The brunette finished her set and made way to pick up the bills that littered her feet with some modicum of grace, a near impossible task. Cherry turned her attention to me and without looking reached for and removed a cigarette from the tin that I had waiting on the table. With a magician's slight of hand she placed the cigarette to my lips and produced a Zippo lighter seemingly from nowhere, cracking it open with its distinctive clink to light me up. I took a drag as Cherry spirited away the mystery lighter, revealing just a glimpse of its Betty Page pin-up imprint. With her other arm already around my shoulder she carefully but naturally took the cigarette for herself. A new girl appeared on stage to dazzle the lookers-on with a Jimmy Hendrix repertoire, Cherry took the opportunity to whisper in my ear that it was time to take the party somewhere else.

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