Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Attack of the Killer Bees!

I went home to make a sandwich... a lone bee made it's way into my kitchen from an unknown entry. I caught it, sent it out my front door for lack of a better destination. Back in the kitchen, another bee. A peer out the kitchen window... several hundred bees. A trip outside saw them carousing around a vent. They were coming in thru my oven fan, and my upstairs neighbor had things a bit worse off than I. I taped up my fan best I could, nothing sticks to umpteen years of grease accumulation.

A lifetime ago, when I was a wee tyke, my pop and my tykier sister went off to some photo studio, they were chosen to be in some magazine ad. My father was a graphic designer at the time and had all the inside connections, the community was much smaller in those days and often kept things "in the family," he was always dragging us off for stuff like that. Did you know I was the Gerber Baby from 1973-1975? At the studio they were at, some filming was going on outside for a some random movie, they were grabbing extras wherever they could, so pop and sis joined in. A crowd were told to run around screaming and wave their arms around for no apparent reason. In the pre-digital glory that was 1970's cinema, adding a swarm of bees was probably not the hardest thing to do, but it certainly wasn't the easiest. But add a swarm of bees they did, and in some b-movie gem from the distant past where bees played the part of intrusive communism via a lost Vietnam, there's a sampling of DeSantis cinematic immortality.